Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lets get started

Hi interested people,

welcome to my Blog. As I'm a german physics student working on my diploma thesis in experimentel physic (quantum optics), I work with many scientific devices, which I love to hack and build automated system both for experiments and analysis of data.

Right now I'am particular interested in enhancing old expensive tools with up-tu-date hardware using microcontrollers like arduino in order to fit them into a ethernet-driven network of tools. To connect and control all of them, I'am using Labviewprograms written by myself. While achieving this goal, I need to find many solutions for different problems. As I was searching for solutions, I found myself often in need to develop my own- In the spirit of sharing, I want to use this blog to share my solutions, so that maybe others can use them or at least save some time in order to find their own.

My first project will be an ethernetbased arduinodriver for Labview. I will post the first part in the next days, so stay tuned!

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